Saturday, 28 July 2012

Veet - Veet’s Cuisine

Hi to everyone at Byron and Beyond Networking,

As I write I am sitting in a very comfy room in the Indian Himalayas.  I have come here partly for my annual holiday and mostly to write my second vegetarian cookbook. 

Being in India makes me very much appreciate the incredible local produce we have at home in the Byron Bay shire and I am absolutely grateful for  the quality of produce available for me to use in my business.  If it were not for the quality of produce I can source in the Byron shire, I do not think my catering business would have grown to where it is today.  Not only is the produce of an exceptionally high standard, organic and pesticide free but also available to me at four markets a week, ensuring that whenever I am catering for an event, retreat, wedding or workshop, I can use the freshest of ingredients.

As much as I am enjoying being in the Himalayas right now and appreciate how much work I am getting done towards my next cook book (which is to be published next year),  I am very much looking forward to my return to the  Byron shire to start cooking again.  I hope to see you at one of the networking breakfasts in August or September.

If you would like to find out more about my business or see where you can purchase Veet’sCuisine, Delicious Vegetarian recipes please check out my website

Friday, 13 July 2012

Julia Kalytis - Shiatsu Essentials

Hello everyone, 
Hope you are well and that life is being good to you. This is a quick email just to let you know a couple of things that are happening at the clinic and beyond...

1. Firstly, the website is up and running. Have a look at and see what you think. Still some tweaking to be done with pics and navigation pathways, but it is basically there now at least. We will add some extra components in January. 

2. You will find the workshop schedule on the site, but the next workshops are in Sydney on 21st July (Love Your Liver half-day workshop) and Know Your Energy (full day workshop and CPE points for therapists who attend) on Sunday 22nd July. They will be held at 54 McLean St Ingleside on the northern beaches. Contact myself or Desiree Simmonds in Sydney on 0412 721 773 or Many of you will have met Des as she comes up north often to run the Know Your Energy workshop with me. 

3. The Live Your Dreams 'The Classic' Italy tour begins in Rome on Sept 19th. Have a look on the website at the itinerary and pics. And dream! We always have a wonderful time, so relaxing and stimulating at the same time, and we eat and drink wonderfully well. Good company, great friends, gorgeous countryside, and the must-see cities of Rome, Florence and Venice. Only 8 guests maximum and everything is organized for you - you just have to slip into a place. There are a couple of spots still available for September if you are interested.

4. Coming up soon is the Buddhist retreat with our dear friend Venerable Lobsang Tendar. It goes from Wed 1st August to Sun 5th and is a Vajrasattva retreat that focuses on purifying the negative thoughts and habits that burden our minds, emotions and physical bodies. Have a look on where you can download a registration form. It will be held at Tallows Beach, near Byron Bay. Don't be shy if you are not a practising Buddhist. It is enough that you are interested enough to want to explore it.

Lots of blessings and especially good health. Julia x

Julia Kalytis
Shiatsu Essentials
70 Main Street
Alstonville  NSW  Australia 
tel: 0061 2 6628 0433   mob: 0417 244 384

Friday, 15 June 2012

Adrian Hanks - Conscious Life Development Coach

Explore, discover and step into your full potential

‘Where am ‘I’ Right Now?’ - a 3 day personal development and empowerment workshop for people who wish to step in, step up and get more out of their life.
Using psychotherapeutic tools and exercises, art, communication, fun and games, puzzles, movement and sound, speech and drama and lots of group sharing, we spend 3 days exploring, discovering and reaching towards our true, full potential. Each of us have latent, hidden, unripe potentials bursting to be free; waiting, sometimes not so gently, to be expressed and used in the world.
In this hands on, creative, powerful, insightful and engaging workshop, you will have the personal time and space to fully engage yourself with other like-minded people to let your full potential unfold and shine in the world.
These workshops are limited to only 14 people; allowing more personal time and space for each participant to immerse themselves deeply into the process and feel that they are fully part of the group. There is a great balance of both personal and group exercises and processes, with the group forming a very powerful bond during the 3 days. This is how Andrew, a past participant of a WAIRN? workshop expressed it:
I feel like we are one big diamond; each person with their own facets that makes it individually beautiful as a group, but collectively, something special has happened here … and I am going to take that away with me…
Contact Adrian on 0400424417 or email to book your space in the next WAIRN? 3 day workshop – Starts Friday 27th July -  Byron Bay, NSW.
Adrian Hanks
Conscious Life Development Coach
The Studio, Bangalow, NSW, Australia
 Phone 0400424417
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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Geraldine Barkworth - Goddess of Public Speakng

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Dear Goddess Of Public Speaking...

" How can I stand out from the start and make my speech memorable in a long day of conference speeches? "  M.K., MENTAL HEALTH EDUCATOR

" Don't Be Shy: Why Making An Entrance Is Important When You Speak "

Dear M.K.,
" Ta Daa! " Introducing, YOU!
And in you come dancing to a funky sound track, feather boa trailing behind, your newly shaved head reflecting the strobe lights… is this the kind of first contact you'd like to make?

Yep, you would be memorable unless of course your colleagues also read this article and feather boa sales go through the roof. Actually, that's quite a nice thought… a mental health professional wearing a feather boa at your next counselling appointment. Ok, I digress.

Making A Memorable Entrance
Making an entrance is about engaging attention from the start. When an audience's attention is engaged, they will listen. And they will remain listening as long as you follow it up with valuable content. And when I say "don't be shy", I mean, don't diminish yourself and play small.

Apart from my creative suggestion above, I recommend you focus on creating CONNECTION with your audience first, before you even open your mouth. If you take the time to take a breath with your listeners and be present with them, you will immediately make an impact. Strange as it may seem, old fashioned audience acknowledgement is a simple courtesty always appreciated. Bit of a nod, eye contact, a smile. Costs nothing, takes a minute or so, generates credibility, respect and attention.

What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?
Begin preparing your presentation by asking yourself, "What do I want to be remembered for?" Your answer will determine the clarity with which you deliver your vision to conference participants. Let me give you some examples - do you want to be remembered for:
·         Sharing an inspiring vision to generate new thoughts in your industry?

·         Being an entertaining, informative speaker who brings joy to a heavy program?

·         Providing cutting edge insights and data to benefit the practice of colleagues?

·         To develop your profile and expand your career influence and opportunities.

Being clear about what you want your speech to be remembered for, is similar to being clear about your purpose. And purpose acts like a rudder, engaging interest and steering your speech and audience on a valuable journey toward a powerful conclusion.

What You Can Do Right Now
1.     Put time aside to research practical things like how many people will attend, where you'll stand, microphones, if you'll be introduced and what they'll say, so that you'll set up your speech confidently from the start.

2.     You are "on" as soon as your name is called. Don't slink in, pretending to be lost in intellectual thought or your notes!

3.     Roll your shoulders gently back, head and chest up and take a strong, stable stance with room to move.

4.     Establish your physical and energetic presence by taking some breaths with your audience. You are saying non verbally: "I see you, I hear you and I'm with you" and that acknowledgement to the audience in itself is memorable because its still so rare. Even though I remind you in almost every newsletter.

5.     Practice your speech; include the the timing for your entrance, exit and pauses and even pfaffing around with your powerpoint slides. Ask friends for feedback and record or film yourself. Are there any flat or confusing moments? Is there too much detail or not enough? Is your message clear and memorable?

To make a long term, memorable impact when you speak, you need to understand and deliver what your audience really wants - connection and value. If you can do these two things, you will be a memorable stand-out in the conference program from the start. Next month, we stay with the same question from M.K., and focus on the other end of a delivering speech with impact in: "End Well: Why A Strong Exit Makes You A Memorable Speaker".

Speaking from the heart is your best promotional tool. It's easy, costs nothing and entirely authentic. If you a woman ready to hone your public speaking skill and you only have 4 days to do it in,  join 8 women only at our Byron Bay  August 2-5, 2012 Retreat. Early bird closes June 20th.   Email Geraldine now.

It's time now to take your personal and professional wellbeing pulse. On a scale like the one below, rate between 1 and 10, how cool, calm and connected you feel right now...
When you speak and lead with natural ease and authenticity, you will be closer to 10. When you feel scattered, distracted or unconfident, you will be closer to 1.

What To Do: If you are above a 7 today, notice what's working well and keep doing it. Accept that daily variations in confidence and clarity are normal. If you are below a 7 today, listen to our free recording of the 5 minute Inner Calm exercise.  You can also download our 2 free A4 Posters of Inner Calm and the Calm Barometer for your wall.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Kirsten Tremlett - Naturopath, Massage Therapist & Retreat Facilitator

Feeling tired, sluggish, burnt out, or depressed?
Want to feel healthy, happy and vibrant again?

Kirsten's passion is to help others live healthy, happy lives.
She is a Naturopath and Massage Therapist who has over 15 years experience in the health industry.
She will educate you on what you can do to achieve optimal health and vitality through dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

For the month of June Kirsten is offering all members a 15% discount off a naturopathic consultation or a one hour massage.
Call her now on: 0416 196 980
Kirsten Tremlett

Naturopath, Massage Therapist & Retreat Facilitator

m: 0416 196 980

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Arnold Toynbee – Business Adviser, Mentor and Coach

Associate IIB, Certificate of Business Management UTS Sydney
If you want help with your Business Plan, reduce inefficiencies in your business or simply would like a guiding hand with your business issues, Arnold is your man.
He has been operating as a business adviser, mentor and coach in the Northern Rivers region of NSW and the Gold Coast in Queensland since 2008.
Arnold qualified as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor in 1973 and gain vast experience in the construction industry both in the United Kingdom and the Middle East and then started a retail business in Edinburgh. After immigrating to Australia in 1984 he changed his focus to firstly help his clients motivate themselves through the development of personal goal plans and then became involved in the fledgling Information Technology industry where he enjoyed considerable success over the next 24 years. His roles included Channels Manager, Sales Manager, General Manager, Country Manager and Managing Director for both Australian and overseas based companies. He also was involved in a highly successful services based family company which he ultimately sold very profitably.
These roles necessitated the need for the production of detailed and achievable Business Plans mostly for start-up companies as well as general management responsibilities including budgeting, accounting and profitability. In order to ensure he had not only the experience to do this but the qualifications he undertook a Certificate of Business Management at the UTS, Kuring-Gai Campus in Sydney where he graduated in 1991.
More recently his attention turned to how inefficient many companies were through lack of effective systems and processes. Arnold has studied this area in detail and now has a very well developed methodology to assist businesses save money and time whilst reducing risks and improving quality standards.
In 2010 Arnold submitted his application to the Institute of Independent Business in London to be tested and accredited as a Professional Business Adviser. He is now an IIB Associate and enjoys the considerable benefit of that organisation’s worldwide network of Associates as well as the highly respected SolutionWise network based on the Gold Coast of which he is also an Associate.